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Reopening Schools 2020-2021

NHCS will operate under Plan C for grades pre-K through 5 with remote learning for all through January 22, 2021. Grades 6-12 will continue to operate under Plan B AA/BB schedule. Grades pre-K through 5 will transition to Plan B AA/BB schedule on January 25, 2021.
Health data will be assessed on a continuous basis and updates will be posted as they become available at www.nhcs.net and on NHCS Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram platforms. 
NHCS families should verify PowerSchool contact information is current to receive Connect 5 phone, email, and text notifications from their schools and the district.

See the NHCS website for more information about school reopening.
School Arrival Traffic Patterns
Eaton Aerial View with Traffic Flow Markings

School Arrival Health Screening Procedures
   Students will be given temperature checks and health screenings before entering the building (In the case of inclement weather, students will be screened inside).
   The following questions will be asked at screening:
       1. Since you were last at school, has anyone in your home been diagnosed with COVID 19?
       2. Has anyone in your home been in close contact with someone diagnosed with COVID 19?
       3. Has anyone in your home been told to quarantine?
       4. Has anyone in your home been having COVID symptoms?
       5. Since you were last at school, have you had any of these symptoms: 
             Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
             New cough
             New loss of taste or smell
   If students have no fever and the answer to all questions is no, students will be allowed to stay and go to class. If students have a fever or the answer to any question is yes, students will be further assessed by the nurse to determine if they can stay at school or must return home.
Transportation - Bus Routes for 2nd Semester (as of January 8, 2021)
Dr. Foust
The Importance of Practicing the 3W's During the Pandemic